Tuesday, March 24, 2009

JOHN by Cynthia Powell

Have you ever heard about Cynthia Powell ? She's well-known by her relation with John Lennon, the beatles' leader. Cynthia Powell was his first wife until 1969. She also gave birth to Julian Lennon, her son with John Lennon.

After the divorce, John and Cynthia rarely met each other. John married Yoko, while Cyn (a nickname from John) married Noel. They're busy with their own, that's why Julian also rarely met his father, John Lennon, and felt unimportant in his life. There's also some reason why Julian couldn't met his father easily. That's all describe in a book written by Cynthia Powell, which titled "John". Published in Great Britain on 2005, this book tells about John Lennon in Cyn point of view. It also tells us about his life during the marriage with Cyn, his life after the divorce and his life with Yoko until his death in 8 December 1980.

This book also contained many lyrics of Lennon/McCartney songs, which speak to Cyn most. The songs that remind her of her happiest time with John and Julian, which ended with a betrayed. So, this book should be interesting to be read, and enjoyful also. Interested to read ? Just download it !!

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