Friday, March 20, 2009

The Beatles Marvel Comic !!

Maybe you've seen a lot of Beatles cartoon.. The one with small body and completely big heads !! Which Ringo has a large nose, Paul has slanted eyes, George has skinny face and John with his big face !!

But this one different !! This one made by Marvel... Yeah, those who made spider man, batman, hulk, fantastic 4, etc...

It's a really an amazing comic I've ever seen !! It tells completely about the beatles' career.. From the early year, until the break up in early 70's...

It also contains about the interview, the concerts, funny states and their films !! Just imagine, how they would look like in marvel cartoon !! Imagine... How John Lennon's face on those colored sheets !!!! Yup !! Those sheets completely colored !

Well, imagination not enough for that...... You should see it by yourself !!!

Hm.. You ask me how ??? It's just as easy as blinking ! LOL...
Stop your imagination and download it now !!!

click the link below to download :
download Beatles Comic by Marvel

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