Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In His Own Write makes a LOL

Who said that John Lennon was a doomy one ? In fact, he was the funniest musician I've adore for so long... Yeah, maybe he's an emotional one, but it didn't mean that he was a doomy person. He showed his taste of humor in many ways. He once said in an interview, when the interviewer asked him to sing a song he replied calmly,"I need money first".

Further more, he's also often sang "I wanna hold your hand" that the lyrics has been changed into "I wanna hold your gland" which mean he wants to hold a woman tit !!! OMG, what a dirty humor that never-minded because of his position as a beatle... LOL..

He's also wrote a book after his first trip to America with The Beatles. That book titled "In his own write" that contained many funny poets, story and drawings... In an interview, he promoted this book and read one of the poets inside, titled "Good Dog Nigel"..

Arf, arf... Just download it if
you wanna see it further.. Arf, arf...
click here to download "In His Own Write"

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his most funny faces!!


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